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Mastering Yourself - Personal Branding

KEYNOTE SPEAKERJey Kumar, Becht Eng, Technical Advisor, Oil and Gas Professional

SUCCESS STORY: Srikar Samudrala, Technical Support Representative, Intertek 

On April 21, 2022 Networking event, the speakers focused on the importance of Self marketing strategy as area of growth for professionals in the current Calgary labour market. In the recent years there has been a shift in industry demands to attract ideal employers you must showcase your skills and experiences and brand yourself as a professional that enables you to make a strategic shift career and opens doors for opportunity to effectively communicate their skills, values, and vision to potential employers.

Our keynote speaker for event, Jey Kumar oil and Gas technical advisor shared with us insights on how to market yourself as professional in Canada that can result in in better economy and employment growth rate among international talent.

How to Network Through Existing Connections
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