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Navigating your Career Pathways in Age of AI

We had a fantastic morning at the Networking for Success breakfast hosted by our Business, Employment, and Training Services at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society! This time, the spotlight was on pathways navigation in the age of AI, and the insights shared were truly eye-opening. 

We were privileged to have two incredible guest speakers grace the event: 

Lise Stransky enlightened us on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Job Search and Talent Recruitment. Her expertise shed light on the transformative impact of AI in today's job market, leaving us with valuable takeaways. 

Sara Struthers took the stage to present the Digital Platform Hub, a cutting-edge initiative from the SAIT Continuing Education team. Exploring new dimensions in team development, she showcased the future of digital platforms and their role in shaping skill sets for success. 

The audience was not just a passive crowd but actively engaged in the discussions sparked by these thought-provoking presentations! It was inspiring to witness the exchange of ideas and the collective enthusiasm towards embracing the evolving landscape of technology. 

Thank you to Lise Stransky and Sara Struthers for sharing your expertise and contributing to the success of the Networking for Success breakfast.  

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