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Being Seen, Heard, and Felt - Elevate Your Networking

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jerry Caingcoy, Founder, and president of The Filipino champions of Canada (TFCC), Director of the Calgary Region Immigrant Economic Council (CRIEC), Financial leader at City of Calgary.

SUCCESS STORY: Nikhil Biware, Fuel Inventory Manager at Centex Petroleum.

On September 28, 2023. During the networking event, our keynote speaker Jerry Caingcoy has shared valuable insights on how to transform your networking approach, going beyond the basics. He also unveiled the secrets to creating lasting, authentic connections and will inspire you to craft your own success story through the power of networking!

We also have Nikhil Biware, a valued CCIS client, immigrated to Canada in 2018 and settled in Calgary in 2020. When he first arrived in Canada, he was a stay-at-home dad. Today, he is an Inventory Manager at Centex. Nikhil has shared his inspiring journey and for being a shining example of resilience and perseverance. Nikhil's story also highlights the positive impact of CCIS in helping individuals reach their goals.

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