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Utilizing Community as a Tool for Professional Development

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dennis Agbegha, Senior Commercial Manager of BDC

SUCCESS STORY: Artur Dieiev, Marketing Specialist

On February 29th, 2024, during the networking event, our keynote speaker Dennis Agbegha shared valuable insights on leveraging the resources surrounding us, especially within our community. The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success. Dennis emphasized the importance of turning these resources into our own network, as the community is your network. Networks and communities can be incredibly beneficial for skill development, but they require active involvement and contribution, which I couldn’t agree more with. Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. If you do so, you're well on your way to success.

We also had Artur Dieiev, a valued client from CCIS, share his success story. With years of experience in digital marketing and having visited 39 countries, Artur brings a global perspective to his work. He discussed the HADI process he uses to land opportunities in Canada and encouraged attendees to create your own network event if you are not filling comfortable to attend social event.

Artur's story also underscores the positive impact of CCIS in helping individuals reach their goals.

Navigating your Career Pathways in Age of AI

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