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The Hidden Value of Diversity and Inclusion

KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Pablo Silva - AVMAX Human Resources Advisor

Diversity and Inclusion are key to healthy businesses. The value diversity adds to business strategy and the shared responsibility between the employee and the employer gives a competitive edge to the organization. Diverse organizations are more successful at recruiting and retaining talent and inclusive workplaces maximize talent and productivity.

Pablo Silva, our keynote speaker at the event was able to explain the hidden value of diversity and inclusion in detail. Mr. Silva, an enthusiastic Human Resources Advisor, shared with us his vast knowledge with strategic experience creating, developing and implementing programs and processes in Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion, etc. He discussed the importance of establishing strong and trusting relationships with leaders and employees and how this can make a difference in organizations to help leaders and employees reach their potential.

With this insightful presentation, clients developed a new perspective regarding how diversity and inclusion can be advantageous and a positive change for a healthier organization with increased productivity.

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