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The Future of Energy Sector and ESG

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mahesh Makkar, Engineering Manager at Helios Consulting

SUCCESS STORY: Murtaza UI Hassan – Business Intelligence Specialist at University of Calgary

The increasing concerns of environmental pollution as a result of human activities, such as the use of fossil fuels for power generation, has driven many organizations to tap into alternative renewable energy sources and “cleaner” fuels and use more effective technologies, to minimize emissions that are produced during the life cycle of conventional energy sources.

The renewable energy market is changing – thanks to the increased demand for cleaner energy sources. Alberta, being one of the largest producers of natural gas, has seen evident growth in this sector. Experts anticipate a surge in projects that could make the province a leader in utility-scale wind and solar capacity as early as 2025.

With many sectors aiming for a greener footprint, socially conscious investors are now turning into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to help them avoid companies that pose a greater risk due to their environmental practices. Canada boasts of a world-leading record for overall ESG; however, many companies are still improving these assurance systems. A strong ESG helps Canadian resource companies maintain their production in this increasingly competitive global trading system, improve their market share and become a responsible source of renewable energy for the world.

Our accomplished keynote speaker was able to give us insights into the steps that Alberta is taking to become a more sustainable energy sector and how ESG helps.

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