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The Art of Self Innovation

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Joseph Macdonald, Training Consultant, at SAIT

SUCCESS STORY:  Nasratullah Andar, Network IT Analyst at Kaizen Auto Group

On June 14, 2022, during the Networking event, the keynote speaker focused on addressing how to reinvent yourself as a new immigrant professional in Canada. Envisioning your future self starts with thinking of someone different and focusing on a clear goal, also the proposal of leaving your home country and creating a new identity to enter the road to success. If you can get over your fear of career change, there are massive opportunities to transfer your existing skills and aim at learning new skills. 

Our keynote speaker Joseph Macdonald from SAIT, during the event, focused on the journey of how to reinvent yourself by sharing his professional journey especially when Canada has enormous support via programs such as Networking for Success and Mentorship for integration. 

In addition, our client’s journey Nasratullah Andar who recently moved to Canada from Afghanistan was motivational and inspiring.


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