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Sharpening your Communication Skills

PANELISTS: Bob McDonald - Senior Draftsman Consultant at Golder

       Kristen Dawson - Coach, Corporate Culture and Self-Awareness Specialist

       Christal Reed – Global Connections CEO, Trainer, Coach and Author

       Steven Ngo – Senior Counsel at Visier Inc.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship and a compelling leadership. It is more nuanced than just oral talks and speeches. In today’s digital world, humans prefer to engage via social media than in-person. This has led to decline in effective communication in the real world.

Effective communication comprises of not just oral talk, but also the proper use of body language, voice modulation, written techniques and listening. Great communication skills can also help you get hired, land promotions and be successful throughout your career.

To help us communicate flawlessly and learn the science behind it we had a panelist of proficient speakers with backgrounds in corporate training & coaching who explicitly shared their knowledge, tips and tricks to enhance our communication skills.

Bob’s “Six Stories of Communication” gave the participants an idea about how effective communication skills can resolve issues at workplace; Kristen’s presentation about “How to talk to anyone?” was an eyeopener for many; Christal’s interactive talk about “How to write an email like a thought leader?” was thought provoking and Steven’s invigorating presentation on how to “Master the interview” came with cognitive tips that have proven to be successful.

Overall, the participants not only enjoyed the presentation but also took back with them a lesson that is helpful for the rest of their lives.


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