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Recruitment Trends Shaped by the Pandemic

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Serge Boudreau – Talent Acquisition Director, Robots and Pencils and Recruitment Podcast Host

SUCCESS STORY: Elijah Oluwapojuwo – Senior Forensic Project Schedule Analyst at Trans Canada.

2020 has changed many rules forever. One of the most profound realities of the pandemic is how recruitment procedures were impacted. Current trends – many accelerated by the pandemic – have changed the rules of recruiting and hiring, requiring organizations and job seekers to adapt and embrace new practices to compete and triumph in the future war for talent.

Most organizations have had to rethink their recruitment strategies to perform well in the virtual environment. The whole idea of recruiting, assessing and hiring someone without meeting them in person is challenging for both hiring managers and candidates.

For candidates, their experience with virtual interviews is going to be a whole lot different from the in-persons. The procedures in place are more streamlined to find the right fit. Companies are now using artificial intelligence recruitment- software such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out the 'cream of the crop' candidates using veritable data. The initial phone-screening remains the same, but the in-person interview has moved online. Video interviews, whether live or pre-recorded are the way to go. The change may be uncomfortable at first, but talent acquisition professionals and candidates are up for the task.

Organizations are now leveraging on the opportunity to tap into a rich talent market. With new methodologies in place, one may be anxious to know how best to perform in a virtual interview.

Our Keynote speaker, Mr. Serge Boudreau shared with us the best practices and tips to outperform competition and how to emerge a star. Our clients gained an insider view about how to ace the new age interview and recruitment procedures.

Recruitment Trends Shaped by the Pandemic
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