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Modern Workforce Connectivity, Digital Solutions & Remote Employment

KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Michael Olutola-Support Manager at Reach

The new norms of the modern workforce have been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have long passed those days when the workplace used to be a mere physical space. Today's ever-connected instant access environment has blurred the lines between the physical office and the workplace. As the lines between professional and personal life disappear, and the workplace becomes truly digital, employees are communicating and collaborating in unprecedented ways.

But humans are wired to live in a ‘physical’ world and few of us are waiting to go back to the pre-covid situation. So, what will the world look like post-covid? What role will technology play as workers return to office spaces? What does “New Normal” mean for businesses and Employees? What will future work look like post-pandemic?

To answer these questions, we invited Michael Olutola Obembe to be our keynote speaker for the event. He is a Professional IT Solution Architect/Product Manager with over 10+ years of experience in ICT and Telco space designing innovative technical and business solutions. He was able to summarise for us that the “new normal” workforce is looking for systems and people to be pandemic proof and that it would be a blend of remote and physical working. Our clients understood that they need to add more “pandemic proof” skillsets to their resume as remote work is here to stay and will only increase in the future.


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