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Learning your Strategic Strength through Networking

KEYNOTE SPEAKERShivi Agarwal, Customer Success Manager at Kudos, Author of Landed & Founder at The Startup Impact

SUCCESS STORY: Lyndin D’Penha, Senior Customer Experience Associate at Scotia Bank 

Newcomer professionals must learn Canadian workplace culture, it will help them to have more chances to secure employment in their field faster. 

On September 29, 2022, during the Networking event, the keynote speaker Shivi Agarwal, focused on addressing how to strategically strengthen networking skills, such as how to build, connect and maintain relationships. she also emphasized why and who you know is highly important to advance a career in Canada. Additionally, she described Canadian workplace culture's dos and don’ts. 

In addition, our client’s journey Lyndin D’Penha was inspiring, Lyndin shared his journey and success on how CCIS programs such as Networking for Success and Mentorship for Integration assisted him to boost his confidence and necessary knowledge to gain employment in his professional field. Lyndin shared and advised immigrant professionals to network and build relationships, but also seek mentorship in their field, the journey was motivational and inspiring.

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