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Challenges and Opportunities for professionals in the post Covid World

KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Angela Nguyen- Employee Services Advisor & Human Resources Specialist at Suncor

The global pandemic called COVID-19 has affected economies and will continue to reshape our world even in the future. While the repercussions of this situation will magnify the potential for job loss, change at this scale also creates new opportunities to manage systemic challenges and ways to better rebuild our society and economy.

To break this down further, our keynote speaker, Angela Nguyen, gave us insights into the world of hiring amidst the pandemic. Angela is a dynamic People and Culture partner who is passionate about empowering your business to scale so you can positively impact the community that you operate in. Since 2013, she has supported HR teams across five different industries. She has always been intrigued about why certain individuals are always hired so she shared tips about the ABCs (Authenticity, Branding and Connecting) of becoming a highly sought-after candidate.

Through numerous informational interviews and embarking on a personal development journey, she concluded that authenticity and vulnerability, along with curiosity, sharing your brand and connecting with others, will allow you to get much further in your career than relying on your credentials and experience alone.

Our clients were able to understand the nuances of hiring and are now more confident about presenting themselves at interviews amidst the pandemic. 

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