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A Multicultural Community is a Strength for Calgary

KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Malorie Reimer – SI Senior Recruiter

Multiculturalism unites a diverse set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds within the workplace. People from various socio-ethnic backgrounds or different countries offer many advantages, such as more creativity, greater respect among employees, improved customer service and the promotion of a positive work environment.

For a better understanding of multiculturism, we had Malorie Reimer as our keynote speaker. Malorie is an outstanding and talented recruiter with tremendous experience in the Technology and Business transformation Space, where she has been very successful working with talented candidates and hiring managers at large companies in Calgary. During this event we had the priviledge to learn from topics such as  as Hiring Privileges, Discrimination, and Best Recruitment Practices among many others, and we were thankful to have her sharing her expertise with us.

By the end of the event, our clients were able to understand how their multicultural backgrounds can be a powerful tool to market themselves. They learnt how to pitch this aspect as a positive quality during interviews.

A Multicultural Community is a Strength for Calgary

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